Dance Star Australia

Dance Star, created by Kim Grant-Taylor, is an educational pre-school program established in 2019. Having run a performing arts school for over 25 years, Kim was passionate about creating a new program that was entirely inclusive, educational, inspiring and always positive.

This vision for this program was to provide quality dance education in an open learning environment for our next generation to explore, discover and create. During classes, each student is encouraged to find their inner ‘Dance Star’, channelled through important messages that are delivered by our two main characters, ‘Flexi Lexi’ and ‘Sisqo Disco’.

Kim and her team have composed original class music, designed to bring the very best out of every Dance Star. Plus the lesson is planned out with choreography, activites and exercises that opens the students mind to a variety of movement styles including Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Hip Hop.

Dance Star also extends outside the classroom, with Birthday Party packages, Live Shows throughout the year and the ability to stream the music at home via Spotify and Apple music.


Let’s learn a little about Flexi and Sisqo...

Flexi Lexi


Oh hi everyone! I love making new friends. my names Flexi Lexi and guess what my favourite thing to do is? It’s singing of course! 

I just can’t stop singing. I sing in the shower, in the car, in my room and even when shopping. but…I also love to do lots and lots of different dance styles. That’s where I got my name …Flexi Lexi.

In class we’ll learn how to stretch up high and touch the sky, we’ll learn how to twirl in time together, but most of all… we’ll learn our dancing manners. 

See you there x


My friend Flexi Lexi is pretty cool right? Did I forget to introduce myself? I’m Sisqo Disco… I love everything beats and sound. 

What’s more fun than dancing and singing along to amazing music?

I must say though…one of my favourite dance styles is hip hop.  The moves are just so coool. We get to bounce, pump, pop and lock! It’s the best…I promise! 

We’re definitely going to have a great time together. 

Stay cool xo